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In an industry of tech giants and convoluted jargon, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s where Kloud 7 comes in. We offer full-service, cloud-based voice communications with 24/7 support, the latest in hardware selection and skilled, on-the-ground service technicians ready to accommodate the needs of your growing business – all for one monthly flat rate.

We’re not a company of hands-off managers. We are “techies” through and through; ready to bridge the gap between the jargon and the implementation of simple solutions.  Our formula for success is experience and a willingness to learn about not only the ever-changing telecommunications industry enhancements, but also about the needs of our customers. We focus solely on voice services to ensure the highest performance quality.

So, what does business communication services mean you ask? It’s customized, integrated solutions. It’s 24/7 support in real time. It’s being your reliable ally. It’s having access to the latest technology, but not overselling what you need for your business. It’s staying ahead of the curve. To us, it’s about connecting you to your next transaction with a single call, no matter the device, the location or the time. Simply put, we’re here to connect you.

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