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Drag your fax machine into the 21st century.

We offer digital fax services, even if you own a traditional fax machine, allowing you to send and receive faxes anywhere. Our cloud-based server will ensure you never miss a fax, even if your machine goes down or jams the paper. Our solutions also allow multiple faxes to be received simultaneously, reducing the number of failures. The best part is there are no per-page or per-minute charges. Our fax services are all available for a flat rate.

Fax Services
  • I-Fax: Send and receive faxes through email. This service is perfect for employees who travel, teams that work in groups of users and companies that are looking to be eco-friendly.
  • Secure I-Fax: The convenience of standard I-Fax designed for high security environments. This service requires individuals to log into a portal with a password to upload and send faxes.
  • Analog Fax: Traditional fax service that provides a physical line to connect any fax machine. Delivered using the most reliable and secure protocols to ensure faxes are always sent and received.
Unlimited US-48 Faxing
Cost Savings
Higher Performance

Choose Your Plan

Analog Fax

Starting at

  • Highly cost effective
  • Compatible with any existing fax machine
  • Guaranteed Fax Delivery and Recovery
iFax Secure

Starting at

  • Send and receive faxes with best in class encryption and security
  • HIPAA Compliant

Starting at

  • Mobile, flexible and paperless faxing solution
  • Send and receive faxes from a computer or mobile device
  • End to end encryption to secure communications

Analog Fax
iFax Secure
Auto Retry with Multiple Route Options      
Forward or Email Received Faxes      
HIPAA Compliant Encryption      
Real-time Status Reporting      
Receive Faxes on One or More Email Accounts      
Receive Faxes in Standard PDF or TIFF Formats      
TLS Encryption      
US-48 Unlimited Faxing      
Web Resend Capabilities      
Real-time Web Status Reporting    
Attachments ( 3 Documents)    
Broadcast Capabilities    
Confirmations of Internet Faxes Sent    
Real-time Internet Fax Web Reporting    
Real-time Web Reporting and Management of Faxes    
Virtual Fax Machine    
Web-based Internet Fax Resend Capabilities    
Address Book  
Cover Page Generation  
Delete ‘Junk’ or Unwanted Faxes  
Electronically Store Important Documents  
Fax Anything That Can Be Printed  
Fax File Cabinet  
Send From Any Mail Client   

Built from the ground up to ensure the security and reliability of transmitted data.
  • 99.999% Uptime Reliability
  • Fax Re-Delivery During Power and Internet Outages
  • HIPAA Compliant Options with the Secure iFax Solution
  • HTTPS / SSL End-to-End Encryption

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