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Your business is taking off. Is your phone system keeping up?

Imagine having a scalable, cloud-based business phone system that gives you and your employees all the freedom and flexibility you need at the price you want. Our unified communications solutions can “unify” voice, video, conference calling and screen sharing across all of your devices (desk phone, cell phone, tablet, PC, laptop). All of your communication platforms are united into a single uniform environment, so you’ll get all of your communications anywhere you go. No capital expenditures or in-depth IT knowledge needed.

Hosted Voice Services
  • More features for a lower price
  • Reliability and disaster recovery included
  • Voice, video, team messenger, and screen sharing platforms
  • Enterprise grade service for small, medium and large businesses
  • All-inclusive onsite and remote 24/7 support at no additional charge
No Capital Expenditures
Full Service Solution
Rapid Support
Nationwide Service Footprint

Choose Your Plan

Standard Enterprise

Starting at

  • Unlimited US-48 Local and Long Distance Dialing
  • HD Audio and Video
  • Best in Class Phone Handsets
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery Features
Premium Enterprise

Starting at

  • Includes all Standard User Features
  • User Presence Monitoring (BLF)
  • Simultaneously Ring to Mobile Phone
  • Advanced Call Management

Standard Enterprise
Premium Enterprise
Barge-in Exempt    
Basic Call Logs    
Call Forwarding Always    
Call Forwarding Busy    
Call Forwarding No Answer    
Call Forwarding Not Reachable    
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking    
Calling Name Delivery    
Calling Name Retrieval    
Calling Number Delivery    
Calling Party Category    
Call Return    
Call Transfer    
Call Waiting    
Charge Number    
Client Call Control    
Communication Barring User-Control    
Connected Line Identification Presentation    
Connected Line Identification Restriction    
Customer Originated Trace    
External Calling Line ID Delivery    
Flash Call Hold    
Intercept User    
Internal Calling Line ID Delivery    
Last Number Redial    
Physical Location    
Polycom Phone Services    
Preferred Carrier User    
Service Scripts User    
Three-Way Call    
Zone Calling Restrictions    
Anonymous Call Rejection  
Automatic Callback  
Automatic Hold/Retrieve  
Busy Lamp Field  
Call Forwarding Selective  
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking  
Call Me Now  
Call Notify  
CommPilot Call Manager  
CommPilot Express  
Custom Ringback User  
Custom Ringback User – Call Waiting  
Custom Ringback User – Video  
Diversion Inhibitor  
Do Not Disturb  
External Custom Ringback  
Group Night Forwarding  
Hoteling Guest  
Hoteling Host  
In-Call Service Activation  
Location-Based Calling Restrictions  
Multiple Call Arrangement  
Music On Hold User  
N-Way Call  
Outlook Integration  
Personal Assistant  
Pre-alerting Announcement  
Priority Alert  
Push to Talk  
Remote Office  
Selective Call Acceptance  
Selective Call Rejection  
Sequential Ring  
Shared Call Appearance  
Shared Call Appearance 5  
Shared Call Appearance 10  
Shared Call Appearance 15  
Shared Call Appearance 20  
Shared Call Appearance 25  
Shared Call Appearance 30  
Shared Call Appearance 35  
Simultaneous Ring Personal  
Speed Dial 100  
Speed Dial 8  
Two-Stage Dialing  
Video On Hold User  
Virtual On-Net Enterprise Extensions  
Voice Portal Calling  

Unify your business communications into one platform with Kloud 7’s Unity Communicator:

  • Extend your office. Make and receive business calls from any device in any location in the world.
  • Easily host conference calls with screen sharing and video with ease across any device type.
  • Know the status of others on your team and communicate using team chat, audio and video.
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