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Keep your phones, lose the high cost carrier.

Not every company is poised to move to the cloud. If your company is using an on-premise phone system (PBX) or analog lines, we have line-based solutions that offer more reliability at a lower price. We’ll come in, assess your phone system and deliver the type of service your existing phones are compatible with.

K7-SIP Trunks@4x
SIP Solutions
  • Most modern line-based solution (all digital)
  • Most cost-effective solution
  • Scalable and resilient
  • Suitable for the smallest to largest business use cases
  • Unlimited US-48 dialing
K7-PRI Trunks@4x
PRI Solutions
  • Suited for larger enterprises with a requirement for 10+ lines
  • Provides 23 lines over a single handoff to simplify connectivity to the PBX
  • Unlimited US-48 dialing
K7-Analog Lines@4x
Analog Solutions
  • Suited for smaller organizations with 10 lines per PBX
  • Lower costs from traditional analog line providers for the same service
  • Unlimited US-48 dialing

Choose Your Plan

Standard Business Line

Starting at

  • Unlimited US-48 Local and Long Distance Dialing
  • HD Audio
  • Customer Site Disaster Recovery and Failover
Premium Business Line

Starting at

  • Includes all standard business line features
  • Advanced routing
  • Additional features to enhance your on premise PBX capabilities

Standard Business Line
Premium Business Line
Call Failover    
Caller ID    
HD Voice Quality    
High Quality Codec Support    
PBX Integration    
SIP Compatible PBX Support    
Unlimited US-48 Local and Long Distance Dialing    
Barge-in Exempt  
Basic Call Logs  
Call Forwarding Always  
Call Forwarding Busy  
Call Forwarding No Answer  
Call Forwarding Not Reachable  
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking  
Calling Name Delivery  
Calling Name Retrieval  
Calling Number Delivery  
Calling Party Category  
Call Return  
Call Transfer  
Call Waiting  
Charge Number  
Client Call Control  
Communication Barring User-Control  
Connected Line Identification Presentation  
Connected Line Identification Restriction  
Customer Originated Trace  
External Calling Line ID Delivery  
Flash Call Hold  
Intercept User  
Internal Calling Line ID Delivery  
Last Number Redial  
Physical Location  
Polycom Phone Services  
Preferred Carrier User  
Service Scripts User  
Three-Way Call  
Zone Calling Restrictions  

Multiple layers of reliability built in to make it less likely to go offline.

  • Disaster recovery allows for dynamically re-routing calls to a secondary location or cell phone
  • Proprietary network hardware (SBC) provides geo-redundancy, quality of service and security
  • Multiple Internet connections are supported for instant failover in case one connection goes offline
Use Your Current PBX
Upgrade at Anytime
Secure Communications
Compatible with any Internet provider
Multiple Delivery Types

Today we have certified the following PBX systems
as compatible with Kloud 7:

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